today: you’re nothing/plowing into the fields of love/nick jonas grabbing his dick.

sitting in an empty room because people have no decency.

crying because writing is hard, and needing to pee is hard, when you don’t want to get up to do it.

good/bad/ok/(i guess)

Check out the honker on this one.

my necklace says ‘girl’, my shirt is covered in girls, i am a girl. girls rule the world. i’m in love with a beautiful boy who wears midriffs.

ps, i’m in newcastle. TiNA/NYWF

a big nose tumblr liked one of my selfies, so i thought i’d post more in profile

i have bad allergies, so i rub my nose

my big nose is always red

my big red nose that touches my lips when i smile

i have a sore butt and a new bedroom

this is not my bedroom, this is university

i sleep 8 hours and wake up exhausted, because dreams are tiring

i want to stop dreaming

i want to start living

ha ha ha

i’m doing ok

must get in the shower, i can only think about how scared i am that someone i love is dead, even though they are not

my nose has a lot of soft cartilage because it is big
a nose changes a face so much
i dyed my hair
i got so many dang allergies
see those wild horses

my nose has a lot of soft cartilage because it is big

a nose changes a face so much

i dyed my hair

i got so many dang allergies

see those wild horses

this is the sound of a part of my body ripping itself out of another part of my body

i get my period approximately every 24-25 days.

it lasts for 5-7 days.

it is heavy.

sometimes i need to change my tampon after 2 hours.

i buy a packet of tampons every cycle, and a packet of pads every 2 cycles.

panty liners last for approximately 3 cycles.

i buy a packet of pain killers often, but for period-related pain, every 2 cycles.

'sanitary' products have a 'luxury' tax in australia.

i spend approximately 163 dollars a year dealing with my period. this is a very modest dollar amount.

this does not include replacing underwear which has been ruined, the time spent soaking stained clothing and sheets, the first day spent moaning in pain, the 4 days of extremely tender breasts, the 10 days of pre-menstrual depression and tension.

i want to bleed on everything you love.

When you want to stuff the thing you loved so much

Something that was alive once, filled with an alive thing, breathing and talking and fucking and eating, but now wraps around a bag, or shoes, or a person’s shoulders, or on their head, or around their cash and credit cards, or it’s on the floor, and they walk over it, every day, with their own skins, or if they’re wearing shoes, with the skin of something else, like the 2, or 3 if you’re lucky, layers of paper that stick together on a toilet roll, however they manage to stick layers of toilet paper together, touching, and together, but if you pull them just a little bit, they will come apart.

She kept her old fish in the freezer, next to some mice and some baby quails, all in paper towels and plastic cups. She dug out the insides of the mice and one of the quails, but I don’t know where she put them, in the bin, maybe, in another plastic cup. The fish got to keep its whole self together, wrapped up tightly in resin, but she had to piss while it was setting, and pop-pop-pop, bubbles froze inside, probably while she was wiping. The fish looked like shit, half the tail dried up in the air, wires twisted around it. The quail looked like shit, it was hard to keep the feathers on, and the wings on, and the beak on. The mice looked like shit; one lost a few feet, the other lost a mouth. Fuck this shit, she said, and put them under her bed, wrapped up in paper towels and plastic cups.

Ford Froth is Infinite

Like general ford frothing at the mouth, there are always tiny bubbles in the space between bubbles, tinier bubbles in the space between tiny bubbles, like the cosmic soup of the universe, percolating between lips, like the average colour of the universe, like getting lost in the absence of absence in a latte, like a ford factory, where metal is being stamped in sync with other metal being folded and one can’t be stamped if the other isn’t folded, and the women pass the metal through the machines, like the only thing they can do anymore is this single gesture, because it’s the only thing they can do, except in one gesture there are smaller gestures nested, and it takes up an infinite of these gestures to complete one gesture of the other, but it is only one gesture of a potential infinite gestures in the production line, because some infinities are bigger than others. She thinks, oh shit, I can’t remember if I used my left or right hand first, then, nah what nonsense is that, it’s left, I’m left-handed, pick it up with my left, work with my right, no, wouldn’t I work with my left and pick it up with my right, what is every else doing, I can copy, but that doesn’t feel right, maybe if I shake it off, ‘NO BREAKS’, ok, no breaks, which ever hand it is, I’ll just use one, this one, which one is this, ok it’s the right, I’m sticking with the right, in and out of the bubbles, bouncing from tinier ones to less tinier ones, sometimes they pop but another slides in to take its place. Shit, she thinks, no breaks and i need to shit.

elastic face, maestro looks, sweaty upper lip, dragging on 15 mins, dirty dishes, sore heels, stale mouth

elastic face, maestro looks, sweaty upper lip, dragging on 15 mins, dirty dishes, sore heels, stale mouth

Collecting names of products, whose names have become generic

Kleenex, Band-Aid, Aspirin, ChapStick, Doona, Thermos, Videotape

Hoover, Tupperware, Velcro, Teflon, Bubble Wrap, Laundromat, Thermos, Brassiere, Zipper, Glad Wrap, Kleenex, Band-Aid

Escalator, Linoleum, Rollerblade, Jet-Ski, Hacky Sack, Bubble Wrap

Band-Aid, Cellophane, Post-It, Tupperware, Velcro, Super Glue, Bubble Wrap, Thermos, Zipper, Brassiere, Glad Wrap, Speedo

Aspirin, Heroin, Adrenaline, Coke, Biro, Sharpie, Texta

Band-Aid, Post-It, Jet-Ski

Hacky Sack, LP, Hula Hoop, Muzak, Ping Pong, Jet-Ski, Jacuzzi, Rollerblade, Jeep, Frisbee, Videotape, Bubble Wrap, Heroin, Lava Lamp

Linoleum, Teflon, Perspex, Bubble Wrap, Glad Wrap, Cellophane

Memory Stick, Google

this is me trying to block out the light behind me with my own space

this is me, what i believe to be a consecutive 5 days with the same headache

this is me not sure how to count what one headache is, when perhaps there are spaces in the feeling

this is me thinking, stop whining, your bestie is currently stuck in bed unable to move and you’ve gone outside

this is me thinking, ok! i’m just going to take some pain killers and start writing

this is me ovulating, wishing i wasn’t

a part of town where all the streets are named after characters from robin hood, except for yours

life is like the plastic wrapper that surrounds the newspaper that is thrown out of the back window of a white, 2000-era toyota

it doesn’t have another purpose except for being there, to hold the newspaper for a little while, before you strip it off

maybe you’ll put your hand in it, or try to stretch it as far as it can go before it rips in half, and then you will have a flaccid sheet of plastic

maybe it will get left on the front lawn all day, while you’re at school and your mother is at work, and when you come home in the afternoon after getting off the bus you’ll bring it inside, and when you try to open the newspaper, the dew on the inside of the bag shakes loose, and smudges the pages

maybe you’ll try to read the newspaper, but it’s just the same word repeated over and over and every character is called the same name and it really doesn’t matter what that word or that name is

so maybe life is like the newspaper inside the plastic bag, or, life is like the white, 2000-era toyota, with faded seats and cracked window seals, or, life is like the dew that comes in the morning time, when water condenses on the grass and in the plastic bag around the newspaper, or, maybe life is like nothing at all

my breasts are so sore i have to wear a bra

my hands are so cold i have to wear gloves inside

my nose is so dry i have to put lip balm on it

the world is going crazy, right?

i don’t understand how people can take nice, clear photos on their webcams, seems impossible.

i’m pretty sure everything is impossible.